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02 February 2016 by Christine Siddle - 0 comments

A brainstorming assessment is ideal for your child / student if you are uncertain as to whether Occupational Therapy Intervention is required or not, or if you don’t require use of standardised assessments as would be required for a funding assessment. If intervention is required, we can then discuss appropriate intervention strategies and just how much therapy would ideally be required. At Kid-Eze Therapy Services we generally provide shorter term intensive therapy blocks with an emphasis on your child / student acquiring the skills they need to participate at home, school and in the wider community with greater success and confidence. A brainstorming assessment only takes about an hour, and both verbal and written feedback is provided as part of the service. The report is generally completed within 1-2 weeks, so it is also very quick. We cover many different types of skills such as social skills, spelling, reading, handwriting (putting pen to paper and coming up with ideas), playground skills, and tabletop skills such as cutting, drawing and colouring. Please contact us for further information.


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