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29 October 2015 by Christine Siddle - 0 comments

I was recently sent the following email by a previous client’s mother which tugged on my heart strings and brightened up my whole day. It essentially sums up quite nicely how Occupational Therapy can make a difference in someone’s life.
“Hi Christine, Just saw a Facebook Post celebrating OT. Our family often say how thankful we are to have had your professional and caring assistance at the time we most needed it. My Daughter is almost 16 now. She always looked forward to her visits to you which at the time was an achievement in itself. She is now in year 9. She has travelled to China as part of the school program . Has nearly completed her Duke of Edinborough badge. She has been an active St John ambulance cadet for 6 years. She already runs her own part time pony ride business and enjoys competing her horse.  At the time we came to you I didn’t know if she would ever be able to cope with mainstream schooling. She now thrives in it. Just thought I’d let you know that although it is now many years ago we are always grateful. This has been used with permission from the author and any personal information was deleted to ensure confidentiality.


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